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Skinny Irish Margaritas for St.Patty's Day

Skinny “Irish” Margaritas Skinny (for the most part) and Irish (just because it’s green), these sparkly emerald cocktails are perfect for the St. Patty's day festivities! Step-by-step, ingredient-by-ingredient, we’re here for any of you last minute planners, looking to step your celebratory game up ;) The Ingredients: *Serving size: 1 Cocktail2 oz Silver Tequila (we obviously like Patron)Splash of Blue Curacao4 oz Soda waterSplash of OJ1 full lime1 tbs AgaveGold sprinkles (or green, whatever you prefer!)Green straws (optional) 1. First things first, THE TE-KILL-YA. Measure out about a shot and a half per drink, and pour that into a glass (or anything clear, you want to see the color later!) 2. Cut the lime in half, saving half for garnish and...

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