The Mama Behind the Brand...

Hi! I’m Lauren!

Excited to kick off our blog with a Q&A about who we are and what we stand for at Local Beach. We want you to know what's behind the brand and share this journey with you. We're all about affordable cool, comfy, and casual clothes for your entire family.  


Q: What inspires you most, in life and in the creation of Local Beach itself?

L:  My Kids… I know everyone says that but honestly they drive me to want to be the best version of myself. Growing up, my parents worked really hard. And I want my kids to see and know what hard work looks like.  

Q: You mentioned you're a family-run business. Which family members play a part, and what do they do exactly?

L: Oh yes we definitely are! My dad runs the print shop. My mom helps with the kiddos when we are busy fulfilling orders. And my husband helps however he can with the big picture stuff.

Q: Since obviously you’re a beach goer...what’s your favorite beach?

L: My personal fave is Seaside in Cardiff….it’s just super easy when you have really little ones and a ton of stuff.  But we also love Ponto and Moonlight.

Q: Out of all our styles, colors, and graphics to choose from...which one is YOUR favorite?

L: Encinitas of course!  I’m loving the Rolled Cuff Muscle Tee in Stone right now and I basically live in all of our cozy sweatshirts since our socal weather has been cooler than usual.

Q: Where do you see this brand in, say, 10 years?

L: I hope we are established, having fun, and would love to have an actual brick and mortar storefront.

Q: What are some other brands and bloggers that you follow? Have any of these inspired you?

L: I’m pretty obsessed with supporting other mamas building businesses. There are so many and yes they all inspire me. The drive, the passion, the craziness of juggling kids, husband and business is oh so inspiring in itself.

Q: Ok, so you’re a wife, a mom of two, and an entrepreneur. Do you ever get free time?? And if so, what do you fill that time with?

L: Not much but when I do I sure make the most of it! I love my pilates class BodyRok and having lunch with girlfriends. And I never turn down a good concert!

Q: What advice would you give other super-moms out there, trying to maintain their professional life?

L: Do it your way. Whatever works for you and your family is best. Judging other moms is so lame. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Q: We know you’re an Encinitas Local. What’s some of your favorite places to eat in town?

L: With Kids we love the Lumberyard Tavern...yummy food,  kids menu and lots of tvs for the hubs. Pandora Pizza & Fish 101 (best fish tacos in town in my opinion). Date night we love Pacific Coast Grill and Campfire in Carlsbad (try the rambler cocktail so good)

Q: What about your favorite places to shop?

L: Ok I have a 2 year old...we go to Target A LOT,  I’m not gonna lie. But some of my favorite local boutiques are… Randoms Boutique, VanDeVort in Del Mar, and Cedros for home inspo.

Q: What can we look forward to in the blogs to come?

L: A little of everything! Lots of lifestyle, travel, fashion, DIY, and mom stuff!

Q: Any last minute comments to your followers, you would like to make?

L: Thank you!!! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to follow along and check out our site and blog. Here is a promo code for 25% the entire site that can be used at checkout...including custom apparel!!! Stay tuned for lots more NEW coming soon!